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Ring Out the Old Year and Ring In the New

With the whole year’s winding up and down, here comes the lunar Spring Festival.
As the most important Chinese Festival, it represents not only ringing out the old, but the family reunion. No matter where you are, how far away you are, billions of Chinese will hurry back home ahead of New Year’s Eve. It’s really nice to stay up late all night on New Year’s Eve just be with the families.
As the most grandest, the livest, the happiest festival, the Spring Festival is embracive and it deserves. As the most oldest, it started from ancient time when the Ancient Ganzhi Era met with the sacrifice of praying at the beginning of the new year. It represents the best wishes to the following new year and eventually turns into the link that connect so many Chinese no matter at home or abroad as time goes by. Nothing could be more sweet than the words that I’m back home for Chinese Spring Festival. Actually the Date may changed several times until Tang Dynasty when the first Chinese Empress Wu Zetian confirm it on 1st Lunar Jan. to establish the Dynasty Zhou. It was in 8th Century. And the festival activities become more and more colorful since then. And it eventually changed from praying for heaven and sacrificing into family reunion through the years.
It’s about a week before that we started to prepare the Spring Festival Goods. Families will stay  together to select the traditional new year’s pictures, red envelopes, and various kinds of delicacy.
There are many ancient customs rooted deeply in our Chinese mind and we practice them always.
Life needs a sense of ritual. It means the elegance that comes from the bottom of your heart without supervision. Here is the Land of China, the Land of Huaxia. Here is the Book of Rites, here is the culture, and here is Huaxia. We usually pray our respects on the first day of the New Year, to sacrifice the ancestors and pay a visit to the elders. Everything is necessary and indispensable. It’s about the Rite and it’s about the good wishes.
Nothing could be more important than the spring festival. There is about three billions of passenger flow in the holiday. Nothing could stop us.
As the date draws nearer and nearer, the festival happiness atmosphere is hanging around every person in KDH through every corner. We have already pasted the spring poems and the big red lanterns hanging up everywhere. As the footsteps becomes clearer and nearer, the flavor of the Spring Festival is getting stronger and stronger. I just can’t wait.
So it will be nearly a half month holiday ahead. We will be back with families and turn off all the work from 1st Feb. To 12th Feb. Wish a great time. Wish a new season.
At this special moment, allow me to offer the sincere thanks and good wishes to all our clients. Good health and best wishes to your families. Thanks for your trust and support as always. We will keep going and forging ahead without hesitation. Wish a bright future and further cooperation between us.
In the end, allow me to show the cry in my heart, Happy Chinese Lunar New Year.