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Individual Solution
Who Can Give Me a Tailored Solution ?

Engaging in the automotive spare part aftermarket for more than 20 years, we have been used to often meet some customers who could not find the parts they wanted in the market or has not found a company – which could offer custome service with samples. They usually wandered around the diverse markets all over the world to find the one who can give them a tailored solution. 

For instance, there is a tropical desert climate in the Middle East with a high temperature between 20℃~50℃. This special climate condition makes a more strict and higher request to boot – which could work in a high-temperature condition for a long time and ensure a long service life. And the top performance is decided by the material applied to boot. People, from the Middle East, have had always trouble in finding the right one who can customize the products they wanted with optimum material. 

For this particular case, Mr. Kim, who has worked on developing rubber parts for automobile for over 20 years, adopted all of advices and requirements proposed by our customers from the Middle East and put forward a scientific and reasionable solution – using chloroprene rubber(CR) to produce boot. Here is why: CR’s excellent resistance to heat and oil, wide working temperature range between -45℃~120℃. These top performances can meet enough the requests caused by the climate condition in the Middle East. 

Their problems had not been figured out until they met us at 116th Conton Fair. They are very surprised when hearing that we can customize the products and also satisfied with the competitive price we offered. They are so glad to develop a innovative and mutual partnership with us after reaching an agreement.

Case 1 

     Mr. Rómulo, one of the biggest suppliers in Paraguay of South America, has specialized in
automobile spare parts for more than 30 years. We met each other at 117th Canton Fair in 2015.
It is known that Mr. Rómulo has sought for the professional manufacturer who could customize
some bushes as his special requirement. Due to the poor road condition in his country, bush is
loaded for a heavy duty. Therefore he wanted the core of bush consolidated by extra rubber to
have a top performance and a longer working life. At that day, he stopped stepping forwards
when he was walking alongside our booth, and then staring at a full range of our products on
the shelf and started smiling. Because he has not found the manufacturer who can customize
products after prying into most of exhibitor in this line. He was so happy while hearing that we
can customize. He was also satisfied with the quality and price. And then we developed the
mutual-benefit cooperation. 

Production Requirements:
1. Raw Material of Cushion Rubber: Natural Rubber
2. Special Requirement: Consolidate the Core by Using Extra Rubber
3. Manufacturing Technique Requirement: Add Antiager, High Vulcanization

Case 2

      Mr. Cătălin, from Romania, is one of the suppliers for Daewoo spare parts in his country,
also an old client of ours. We knew each other at early Conton Fair in 2004, maintaining a
good cooperation from that time onwards. At the beginning he just perchased some convential
parts from us. He didn’t know that we can develop and manufacture product as special
customer’s requirement. In an occasional chatting he knew that we developed good
cooperation relations with over 400 first-class factories in China and had a powerful
manufacturing competent. He was surprised and cheerful. And he dicided to make a
trial order for customization. Our production quality and manufacturing competent were
radically recognised by him after that trial order. That is why we could maintain a long-term
cooperation between us forwards today. 

Case 3

     Mr. عبدالله, from Saudi Arabia, is one of the biggest pare parts for Toyota HiAce in his country. He got the information about our product and service by Internet. He knew that we can make a production with a sample or drawing. And he contacted us with telephone and email to tell us his some special reqiurements. Eventually, he visited to our distribution center and office in Guangzhou in person, taking with his samples. We began the production soon after reaching an agreement and finished it in an advance for 10 days.  Mr. عبدالله was so glad to cooperate with us and expected cooperation with us next time.

Production Requirements:
1. Sheet Metal Plate Thickness: 4.85mm
2. Raw Material of Cushion Rubber: Natural Rubber
3. Manufacturing Technique Requirement: Add Antiager, High Vulcanization