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Investment Agency
Company Presentation
        KDH Autoparts,which was founded in 1992,is a corporation with a combination of
development, manufacture and sale. Our company has always specialized in japanese
automobiles such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Mazda, while at the same
time also ford, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Hyundai and Kia, etc. To be able to
ensure OE quality, we have been commited to develop diverse moulds and explore the
more scientific use of materials. With our day-to-day work over 20 years, we have
mastered a set of proven and advanced technology to produced and formed an effective
corporate management system. We have been fully confident of the supreme guiding
principle – Science and technology is the primary productive force. As a manufacturer
we recognise the need to maintain the highest quality standards at every step of production

KDH  Autoparts at 134th Conton Fair


     KDH  Autoparts has been active in attending China Import and Expert Fair from 1992
onwards. Our company is very popular and recognised with customers from all over the world
with its excellent production quality and good service. On the fair, we show a wide range of spare
parts that attract many people to consult us the information about products. Because of excellent
production quality, exemplary service and competitive pricing, almost customers are pleasant
to develop the mutual-benefit cooperation with us. 

     Our factory is located in Jiangmen of Guangdong, floor space around 1,3000 sqm, with a
variety of advanced producing equipment. We have strict management policies in both production
and staff. We consider “Driven by Quality” as our supreme guiding principle and have infinite faith
in our supreme guiding policies – Talent Training, Science and Technology Innovation.

Object: Spare Parts Wholesaler All Over the World

1. Population in your city or county must be more than 200,000.
2. Quantity of garage in your city or county must be more than 30.
3. Investment budget should be USD 20,000.
4. You must own a warehouse and store, store’s space more than 60 spm.
5. You have a priority to be selected if you are experienced in this area.
6. You have to get a legal busuness license and a good credit.

Your advantage after being our investment agency

1. Just-in-time Delivery
Our distribution center is located in Baiyun District of Guangzhou, which is prosperous and
borders Guangzhou Railway Station in the south, Baiyun International Airport in the north
and Huangpu Port in the east. There is also a short distance less than 180 km from
Guangzhou to Hongkong. So you have an advantage to minimize await time, fasten the
capital return and reduce the risk of investment.
2. A Wide Range of Products
We have been committed to explore the most potential value spare parts according to
the demand and trend of aftermarket. From steering, engine, braking, suspension and
wheel to vehicle electronics, all are selected based on an exact investigation and analysis.
A full range of production can meet customers’ demand at maximum.

3. Adequate Resourses
We have collaborated closely with more than 400 powerful factories in China for over 20 years.
Therefore you can put your trust in our manufacturing competence at all levels. We can
manufacture products as your special requirments. From the selection of raw material and
production processing to thorough production examination, we have radically carried out our
strict quality control system to ensure high quality.
4. Region Protection
We will determin the quota of investment agency in your city or county according to a
comprehensive analysis of local conditions. We will strictly act on our protection policy to
ensure the order of aftermarket and marketing space for our investment agency.
5. Support for Production Update
We will supply you with new products every year to ensure you have an ever-growing rang
of products.
Look fardward to your consultation
Responsible Department: Marketing Expansion Department
Telephone: +086-020-61197688
Fax: 61197899
Address: 201,No.59,Changhongdong Road,Jiahe Street,Baiyun District,Guangzhou City